Warning: This Product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Puff Bar Brooklyn, NY

Puff bar is an advanced and portable invention of the vape market. This device is easy to use and anyone can carry it without any difficulty because it is light in weight with compact packing. Its portability and high quality grabs the attention of customers.


  • It is easy to use as there is no need to follow any hard and fast rule to deal with this device.
  • The amazing and interesting quality of this device is it doesn’t require charging, there is no need to refill this device as it is prefilled and would be enough to satisfy one's thirst for a whole day long.
  • Its battery is 280mAh.
  • After it is been used, it is thrown away in dust bins.
  • To start this device only a short explosive burst of breath is required and this portable stick is prefilled with 1.3 ml E-juice that will be enough for the day.
  • The quality of liquid will surely force the users to try it for more.
  • It contains 5% of nicotine to compensate for the desire of cigarette.
  • Once it is been tried surely, there is no need to opt for other vapes .



Vape market did its best to fulfill the desire of its customers so this puff bar is now available in different variety of tasty and delicious flavors with extra juicy touch that would be favorite for sure a number of puff bar lovers. The fresh flavors include Lush ICE, strawberry, watermelon, O.M.G (orange, mango, guava), blue Razz and blueberry, etc. These small puffs full of flavors will provide soothing and mesmerizing effect to body and mind.



Due to a small amount of nicotine, it is not much hazardous as other narcotics. But the users with less immunity or suffering from any serious disorder should avoid this product as it can cause health issues. Especially the person suffering from asthma should not use this puff bar disposable as it can cause blockage in the respiratory tract.Wehope you have got your information about this device now its time to order this product.