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Warning: This Product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

ORGNX E-Liquid 60ML

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ORGNX ELiquids is a new vape juice company specializing in straight forward fruit flavored E-Liquids. ORGNX consist of the most sought out fruit flavors in the vape industry like peach, lychee, honeydew, apple, and orange! Currently, ORGNX Eliquids offers 3 tasty lines Original, Ice, & Salt Nic Ice. If you love fruit forward vape juice, ORGNX E-Liquids is a must!

Peach: A handful of juicy ripe peaches blended together for a delightfully sweet vape.


Peach Ice: A handful of juicy ripe peaches blended together for a delightfully sweet vape with a kick of menthol!


Lychee: A spot on rendition of sweet and exotic lychee fruit for a satisfying vaping experience.


Lychee Ice: A sweet lychee flavored e-liquid with a cool hint of refreshing menthol you will love.


Honeydew: A sweet and enjoyable e-liquid inspired by a real honeydew melon.


Honeydew Ice: A sweet honeydew with a kick of menthol to keep you refreshed on those hot summer days.


Apple: A rich and crisp apple rendition that's excellent for an all day vape.


Apple Ice: A crisp red apple with an added twist of refreshing menthol that will satisfy your senses.


Orange: A tasty spot-on rendition of a sweet citrus orange that's full of flavor.


Orange Ice: A citrus orange blended with ice to create an irresistible cool orange.


Size: 60ML
Nic Level: 0MG,3MG,6MG.

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