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Warning: This Product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.


Naked E-Liquids - 60 ML

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Naked Menthol E-Liquids - 60 ML

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Naked Tobacco E-Liquids - 60 ML

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NKD 100 Disposable E-Cigarette 50mg (Salt E-Juice)

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NKD 100 Salt E Liquid | Vape Juice

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If you are looking for some interesting and cool type brand during the vape, then you can buy Naked Juice Vape.They have got some cool and good e-juice for you, and these flavors are like savage for all the vapers. This company has got its e-liquid lab in which they research their different e-juice liquids.

About The Naked 100

    Naked 100 Vape Juice was established in the year 2012 in California. They have got their own USA Vape Lab which is like one of the best labs in the USA. In there they work hard on their formula so that the flavor will be a mouth tingling for the customer. They always go for creating the best solid products for the customers so that the customers get what they want for the vape.

Why Go For This?

If you go for the Naked e-liquid, then it is recommended that you must go for the naked vapes. This is because they got the best kind of flavors for you. They too have got many types of flavors with no added sweetener. They prepare the flavor in such a way that the whole amazing product is beautifully crafted in the fruit flavor.

The Naked Vape Juice, the company has got a wide range of flavors for the customers. The company comes with different line-ups for the customers. As a result, a customer can choose the favorite vape flavor from different kinds of line ups. The company has got a Tobacco and Menthol blend, Cream line-up and fruits flavor.

If you see other companies, then you can find out that most of the vape juice company are limited to their product. But in the case of naked e-juice, they got some limitless products for the customers to choose from. They are the best for flavors and if you are wondering about trying any flavor, then try to go for the naked flavors and get some mind-blowing experience from that.

As the company has got many line-ups for the customers, many customers get confused about these things. To help them out here is the detailed report about all kinds of flavors categorically.

Vape Juice Flavors

  • Amazing Mango

This flavor has got the mango, peach and cream smoothie. When you inhale this Naked 100 juice, you will get stuck by its rich flavor in your tongue and can enjoy it.

  • All Melon

This flavor gives you a sensation of melon fruit with some good mouth-watering sweet cantaloupe. This will give you an experience of exotic fruity cravings in your mouth.

  • Green Blast

This is made with the Kiwi, Apple, Cream, and Honeydew. When you inhale that, you will find a craving of green apple and honeydew in it.

  • Lava flow

This comes with a taste of ripe strawberries, pineapple, and coconut and gives you an amazing taste to your tongue.

"Vape Juice Menthol Flavors

  • Lava Flow ice

This is one of the new additions of flavor from Naked 100 e-juice. It comes with tropical vape flavor blends with ice cool menthol which gives you a deep cooling effect when you inhale it.

  • Polar Freeze

This flavor comes with the sweet and tart pineapple along with the cantaloupes, honeydew slices which are then blended into the fruity frozen treat. If you inhale this, you will get a refresh to feel within your body.

  • Brain Freeze

It is made with Kiwi, strawberries and red pomegranate fruit. When you inhale it, your tongue will get a sensation of cold feel, and the taste remains in your tongue for a long time.

Tobacco Flavors Vape Juice

  • Cuban Blend

The blend is made with medium boiled, flavorful and aromatic flavor that is beautifully crafted to give you an amazing taste.

  • Euro Gold

This flavor has got a smooth tobacco vape which features with high-quality light tobacco blend.

  • American Patriots

If you want to have some authentic taste of tobacco with some hints of caramel, then you can go for this flavor.

These are the different flavors that you can get under different line-ups. So if you are thinking about what kind of flavors can you get then here, you can find it all. As there are many types of flavors for you and this you can get confused among them easily. So, here is the list of top 6 flavors that you can try from Naked Juice flavors.

  1. Naked 100 CBD 30 ml

This product is available in different flavors which include Lava Flow, Really Berry, Hawaiian Pog, and Amazing Mango. You can get it from the online store, and it comes with the 30ml bottle for you. Amazing mango will give mango taste to your tongue while Hawaiian POG is a mixed fruit flavor. Lava Flow will give you a tropical taste while berry will provide you with a berry taste.

  1. 1. Naked 3-liquids 30ml

This vape liquid is available in All melon, Hawaiian Pog, Azul Berries, Unicorn, Go Bananas, Berry Lush, really a berry, amazing mango and Maui sun. If you want some real tongue tinkling taste for your mouth and try to go for amazing flavors, then you can go for this product.

  1. 2. Naked Menthol E-Liquid

This flavor liquid bottle for vape is available for the users in Frostbite, Polar Freeze, very cool, Hawaiian Pog Ice, Brain Freeze, Lava Flow ice and Amazing Mango Ice. All this flavor will give you a cooling effect when you inhale this inside the mouth and will get a refresh to feel.

  1. 3.Naked Tobacco e-liquid

This is available in American patriot, euro gold and Cuban blend. If you have got a taste for the tobacco, then you need to go for this flavor. You can get an authentic taste of flavor in your tongue.

  1. 4.NKD 100 Disposable e-cigarette

This is available in two flavors only. It is brain freeze and real a berry. If you want to try a soothing taste when you go for vaping, then you need to go for these flavors.

  1. 5.NKD 100 salt e-liquid

This liquid is good for the customers who seek some cooling effect in their mouth. This comes with the flavors like brain freeze, amazing mango, arctic air, green blast, Maui sun, very cool, Hawaiian pog, really a berry, brain freeze, polar freeze, lava flow, and American patriot.