Warning: This Product contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.


Cloud Nurdz E-Juice 100mL

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CLOUD NURDZ Salts E-Liquid 30ML

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Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid makes fruity flavors good for sweets. They understand that true fans of nostalgic sweets want to feel like they are enjoying the real when they reach their mod. Their dedication to high-quality flavors allows them to get away with deceptively simple flavor profiles that really allow the ingredients to sing.

Whether your taste buds crave crunchy apples, juicy watermelons, fat grapes or sun-baked strawberries in little candies, Cloud Nurdz has an all-day vape waiting for you in his impressive inventory. Its fruity mixes captivate the palate with delicious flavor profiles that do not need bells or whistles. After just one puff of a Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid, you will feel refreshed, satisfied and calm, whether in the middle of winter or on the hottest day of July.

No matter which sweet fruit flavor duo you choose, Cloud Nurdz has you covered

Cloud Nurdz E-Juice

Cloud Nurdz E-Juice is a rebirth of one of Willy Wonka's finest creations into a 100ml bottle of e-liquid. If you've never had the pleasure of tasting these delicious candies when you were a child, then you really missed out on something good. The wonderful candy flavor of this e-juice will make you feel like a kid again. No matter if you enjoy candy flavors or fruity flavors, this liquid satisfies both sides of your sweet tooth. Cloud Nurdz was crafted not only to taste good but to give you a blast of a nostalgic flavor of your favorite childhood candy.

Grape Apple - The delicious flavor of Grape Apple but desire a higher dose of nicotine, welp.

Grape Strawberry - Heavenly strawberry-grape flavor that will send your taste buds to heaven.

Strawberry Lemon - A unique strawberry-lemon flavor that's unlike any other on the market. Same Ol' strawberry-lemon goodness with a higher dose of nicotine.

Watermelon Apple - Watermelon Apple Salts by Cloud Nurdz will make your mouth water and have your taste buds begging for more.

Peach Blue Razz - A luscious juicy peach mingled with the tanginess of tart raspberries.

CLOUD NURDZ Salts E-Liquid

CLOUD NURDZ Salts is manufactured by OG Eliquids and it is their mission goal to make the absolute best flavors for you and the entire vaping world. Founded in 2015 by eliquid veterans in Southern California, each one of their e-liquids goes through months of crafting to ensure the more flavorful and best flavors on the market. FDA is compliant with the utmost of standards. Your satisfaction is their priority.

Peach Blue Razz - Juicy peach meets popping’ blue Razz to deliver perfect, tart satisfaction.

Watermelon Apple - Juicy Watermelon and Sour Apple candy that will leave you craving more.

Grape Apple - Just like your childhood candy favorite. Sweet purple grape blended with tangy green apple.

Strawberry Lemon - Sweet Strawberry and Sour Lemon candy that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Grape Strawberry - Tangy Grape and Sweet Strawberry candy goodness that you won't be able to put down.